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Weight Management Exercise Classes (WME)

Up to 3 x Lunchtime Weight Management Exercise Classes

  • 30 Minuten
  • 7.50 British pounds
  • Live Online


Great to supplement your daily activities to strengthen muscles and promote weight management. These classes are at 30 minutes long at 12 noon so that you can take a break then get back to work feeling refreshed. Up to 3 x Lunchtime Classes weekly include a warm up, pulse raiser, standing and lying exercises and stretches. Can now be purchased seperately but the cost is reduced when booked as part of a plan.

Bevorstehende Sessions

Bedingungen zu Umbuchung und Kündigung

Classes can be cancelled/rescheduled up to 15 minutes before classes for people on a plan. For people booking classes outside a plan the class can be rescheduled up to 15 minutes before but not cancelled. This is because the process of refunding will incur an extra cost to us. The cost of any classes not rescheduled will be forfeited.



100 Cranberry Lane

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